Choosing and caring for leather

October 14, 2016

These days the manufactured and fake leathers are hard to distinguish with the real leather. So there are a few ways that you can check. For instance real leather will have imperfections, creases and wrinkles.  It has a distinct smell and will absorb a small amount of water if dropped on its surface unlike the fake leather where it will sit on top.

There are also different grades of real leather too. You will hear different terms for leather so here they are listed in order of quality:

Full Grain Leather = This is the outer layer of the skin which is the highest quality and the most expensive of the leathers. This grade is tough and durable.

Top Grain Leather = Is the next layer and the most common luxury leather. It is smoother and more consistant. 

Genuine Leather = This leather is made from stripping off the first two more expensive grains from the top and using the softer layer underneath.

Bonded Leather = This grade is a collection of leather shavings that are grounded and mixed with an adhesive liquid to make a piece of leather.

Ranking leather types:

from highest quality to least = Calfskin, Goatskin, Lambskin and Pigskin.

For example:

Generally, because of the soft texture of lambskin, it is best used for leather garments such as jackets and coats and easily forms to the body, whereas calfskin is better for accessories such as shoes, handbags, wallets, belts etc because it is tougher and retains its shape better.

Leather Styles:

Safiano Leather = is a style of leather, usually cow or calf, that is treated to give a cross hatched pattern and often finished with a wax coat. The treatments makes it highly durable and tough, which is why it's often used in briefcases and bags

Sauvage leather = is made on high quality hides, and has a pleasing semi-aniline handle. A slight two-tone effect is evident and is achieved by using pigments in the initial coat, with later coats containing a contrasting dye

Caring for your leather:

- If your leather gets wet, let it dry slowly at room temperature

- If it is dirty, don't use any soaps or cleaners that can react with the leather. Just wipe with a damp cloth.

- Prevent your leather from drying and rub it with a good quality leather conditioner / cream.

- Leather needs to breathe so don't store it in plastic as it may become mildew.

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