The Types and Purposes of Different Style of Bags

August 30, 2018

For some, every day is a struggle to find the right outfit they can flaunt. This is because clothes can say so much about the wearer. However, aside from clothes, whether a person is a professional or a student, one more important thing that a person always carries around is a bag. May it be a purse, a handbag, a backpack, a shoulder bag, a briefcase; a business bag, or a clutch, bags primarily serve the purpose of carrying things as well as enhancing your fashion.

Have you ever heard the term “bagology”? It means the study of bags. If you’re curious to find out more, then this article can help you to understand the types and purposes of the different style of bags.

Handheld Bag

Handheld bags are one of the trendy bags today. It is considered as a great way to properly convey your fashion sense both in casual and formal occasions. A lot of people may only have one handheld bag for everyday use. However, you might have trouble matching your outfit to your bag’s color. Having 3 or more handbags is an advantage as you can use them alternately. There are various designs of handheld bags that are well suited to be used on a date, for office use, for parties and even for a business meeting.


Coming in a smaller size, this type of bag is easy, portable and convenient to use
especially if you’re going to a nightclub or you want to go shopping. Typically, it comes in rectangular shape and can hold important items such as credit cards, licenses, or even a cellphone. It is commonly used by women when they only want to carry a few things around.


The backpack or also known as rucksack is one of the commonly for carrying heavy loads. A backpack has double support handles that holds the bag in both shoulders. It is intended to be used by travelers, hikers, or students who carry heavy loads like books, extra clothes, shoes and others.

Shoulder Bag or Messenger Bag

Shoulder bag or messenger bag is also known as the most versatile style of bag. This bag has a single strap attached to both ends of the bag and is designed to be carried on one shoulder. In accordance with its size, this bag can hold a lot of things and it is very durable to use. This can be used every day as it can carry books, files, and it can serve as laptop bag as well.

Duffel Bag

A duffel bag comes in big and cylindrical style for it is designed to carry luggage and heavy things. It has a bigger space than the standard size of handheld bags. It is highly suggested to be used for travel, sports, and even in times of unexpected circumstances.

Tote Bag

One of the handy and useful bags is a tote bag. Usually, it comes in big size with two straps and an open top. Its purpose is to carry large or heavy things. It can be carried during shopping, doing groceries, or when you are going to the beach.

Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bag comes usually in different shapes but mainly in small sizes. It commonly has a long strap which allows the user to wear it across the chest. This is ideal to be used during a night out if you have the fear that your bag might be stolen as it can prevent a thief to pull off your bag when it is crossed over your body.

Now that you’ve read some important insights about the different styles of bags, then you can easily pick one that cannot only match your outfit but as well as your purpose.

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