What are the Best Bag Styles for Men?

August 30, 2018

Bags are commonly used by women, however, men also want to improve their personal style and using a bag is one of the things that can help them achieve their desired look.

A backpack is the most common choice for men because of the convenience it can bring. There are also lots of compartments. However, a bag can easily make or break the style of a man.

Aside from the bag’s purpose to carry things that a man needs, choosing the style of the bag must be appropriate for your workplace, your fashion style, and it must go with your outfit. So, here are some tips that can help you choose the best bag that will fit your style and preference.


Jansport is one of the most used backpacks when you were a student, however, you must know that today, as an adult, it is time for an upgrade. A backpack is suited for a grownup man who tends to carry heavy things. It is convenient and easy to carry. This has lots of compartment and pouches that can be used for a laptop, phone, and other gadgets or files.

Gym bag or Duffle bag

Every man that goes to a gym knows the importance of a quality gym bag. It is perfectly used by gym goers or a traveler for it has a large space to put shoes, clothes, and other necessities.

Messenger Bag

A messenger bag is one of the popular and traditional bags in circulation. They are typically worn over one shoulder and designed for convenience due to its single compartment. This is essential to carry your everyday needs. A messenger bag made of canvas is suited for casual outfits, while leather one is suited for formal occasions, during meetings, and for other business purposes.

Dopp Kit

Who says only women need a vanity or make-up kit? In fact, men have a dopp kit, too. Dopp kit is usually smaller in size and come in canvas or leather design. It is considered as a toiletry bag that a man uses to carry grooming and toiletry essentials.


All businessmen know the importance of a briefcase. It adds up to the professional style and is suited for business meeting. It comes commonly in classic leather, but with limited space or compartment. It is perfect for carrying around a laptop and other documents.

Roller Luggage

Roller luggage is best suited for men who travel often. It is usually sleek and comes in classic or modern minimalistic design. Whether you are traveling or in a sporty or athletic outfit, this roller luggage will surely match with your outfit.


If you love shorts and t-shirt attire, a crossbody bag is good for you. It can carry more than the pocket of your pants. It may seem like a perky accessory, but it still an essential and can bring back the memory of the good old school days.

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