Corporate Gifts and Laser Engraving

Our products are ideal forĀ CORPORATE GIFTS.

If you are looking for ideas for corporate gifts, then consider ordering a briefcase or document holder that is embossed with your corporate name?

This is such a fantastic idea as a thank you gift to your clients, for achievement awards for your personnel or marketing for your company.


A unique service for you!

(A set fee of $15 applies)

When you place your order, you can choose to also have your product engraved with a text, for example your initials or your name! (not all bag types are able to be engraved, the bags will show the option if it is available)

In most cases the engraving is placed on the bottom right hand corner of the bag but may be in a different position depending on the style of the bag. It is usually 1 cm in height but the location and size of the font can be requested to be altered.

Thanks to the latest technology of these laser machines, we are able to offer you this service, which makes your Tuscany Leather product even more precious!

The standard font for customization is Lucida Calligraphy, but you are free to choose another font among the following:

custom fonts

If you have any questions regarding corporate gifts or laser engraving , then please contact our customer service at Contact Us